What Sets Us Apart

Antiques are tactile things. Wood, stone and ceramic and glass engender distinct feelings and impressions that cannot be fully recorded in a photo. Likewise, the multi-dimensional patina that develops on the surface of a piece is difficult to capture. The owners confess to being a little old-fashioned; they hope you find the website interesting and informative but that they have a chance to meet you in the store, face-to-face as you begin your collecting and decorating adventure.

We feature a variety of high quality, unusual pieces from around the world. With each buying trip, we discover special, one-of-a-kind furnishings to bring to you. Each trip reveals new and different furnishings and accessories, so the contents of two shipments will never be the same.

As we have frequent shipments, you may want to visit our site periodically as we will be updating it accordingly. If you are seeking an item not shown here, please let us know. The website enables us to highlight just a few of our pieces and our warehouse is filled with wonderful items not shown here. If you would like to request further information regarding a specific piece, please contact us and we will happily forward additional photos or any other requested information.