Pretty Pillows Now Available

Pillows!!!  Those wonderful, small packages of color and pattern that can transform any environment.  The possibilities are endless.

Pillows are the easiest way to transform a room from boring and drab, to something new. They are truly the interior designer’s secret weapon!!

For example, that non-descript gray chair in the living room can suddenly take on an unexpected design presence with the addition of a kidney pillow in bight green and black houndstooth.   Or, that same chair can appear very elegant with a beautiful gold velvet damask pillow with tassels.

Pillows can also be used in the bedroom to update and freshen your current bedding.  That bedding set that was bought several years ago can be revived with adding pillows that have new and current colors and patterns.

Financially, this is a most reasonable approach to achieving a new look for your home.

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