Don’t hesitate to use leather! Leather is one of the most durable, resilient and versatile materials known to humankind. And, it’s beautiful too featuring deep rich finishes or the trendiest hues – any color you can imagine along with a plethora of textures and grains. Leather, like wood, is a living material that ages beautifully. It gets richer with use, taking on a patina that reflects how it’s been lived with. If you you’ve been skeptical about a leather surface because you worried about keeping it pristine, throw away the notion that you have to serve and protect leather – it’s there to serve you and look good doing it.


Today’s leathers are stronger and more durable than those of just a few years ago – we’ve used leather on everything from sofas to wall covering to floor surfaces – they still l perform  and look terrific!


When you stop to consider that lately so many desirable fabrics cost hundreds of dollars per yard, remember even the best leathers are available at a fraction of the cost.