Asian Furniture Just Works

Asian furniture just works. It addresses our need for a hint of the exotic without being tropical or tacky. It provides that level of sophistication that we as designers want for all of our projects, no matter the style. The pieces simply bring another layer, another look-whatever you will call it-to a room.

The importance of Asian pieces is that through their exoticism, purity and beauty they become an integral part of our design stories as decorators. These pure, ancient forms honed from necessity and made from materials and colors of the region have permeated the language of interior design and persevered through the shifting tastes of centuries past and the decades of our lifetimes.

Basic and even fantastical Asian elements have shaped our ideas of chic and become mainstays for many designers. A stunning Chinese export lacquer tea table turned coffee table in a Park Avenue penthouse screams glamour; while a media room on Red Mountain in Aspen needs the sparkle and shine of a similar table, perhaps in red, to counteract the room’s plush neutrality with a hint of slick.

The combinations and uses of Asian furniture in our everyday environments are endless and exciting.

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